Recent Successful Case Results:

Federal Child Pornography Case Win Not Guilty (November, 2023)

November 2023 – Big win recently, on November 8, 2023 Federal Child Pornography Case. U.S Attorney argued for a guidelines sentence of 10 years in jail. We argued for NO time. Judge agreed with us and client is home on probation. Judge said this is the biggest downward departure from federal guidelines he has ever given in 35 years in the bench. A very happy client.

We win cases. Another not guilty. (March, 2023)

Greg Humphreyville of Beles and Beles won a total acquittal in a child molestation case on March 2, 2023 in Alameda County Superior Court. Our client was facing life in prison. Greg, through skillful cross-examination of the child, mother, and DA's expert, followed by a brilliant argument to the jury, brought home the victory, and set this innocent man free.

1 Year Deal Negotiated in Sexual Assault Case (Feb, 2023)

Annie Beles negotiated a one-year deal for a person facing multiple life sentences for sexual assault charges.

Removal from Sex Offender Registry (Jan, 2022)

Another major victory was secured on January 21st, 2022, on behalf of Curtis Lee M. After being required to register as a sex offender in the state of California for over 20 years (originally sentenced in 1999), we were able to file a writ of mandate with the Alameda Superior Court securing Mr. Lee’s removal from the California Department of Justice Sex Registration Registry. The tragedy of this case lies in its origin as a consensual statutory rape charge, which (from the onset) should not have involved a requirement to register as a sex offender. We are honored to serve our clients needs, allowing him to move forward with his life minus the societal stigma of sexual registration.

Thank You from Client Removed from Sex Offender Registry (April, 2022)

"A year ago, I call around seeking help, from not just any one ready to handle my case. I wasn’t sure of the run around from the opposing party that has been going on for years. I decide I’m ready to trust. Now, my case has been settled completely in my favor, thanks to everyone at Beles & Beles Law Offices who handled the case. Quotes had gone through two other attorneys before I decided to hire the Beles & Beles Law Offices and I couldn’t be happier with my decision of the years of experience within the firm, the new to the season vet’s. They were compassionate and understanding of my needs and were able to help me resolve my matters at a fraction of the cost that I would’ve spent on other attorneys. And that was a life changing period in my life, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to live life with family and friends the best that one can. Thank you. thank you…..."

-C.M. 4/8/22.

NOT GUILTY Verdict after jury trial for Felony Insurance Fraud

After a two week trial, on a charge of Felony Insurance Fraud, Beles & Beles obtained a NOT GUILTY verdict for their client – saving her from a felony conviction, thousands of dollars of restitution and up to 5 years in custody.

Two Big Wins

The Law Offices of Beles & Beles recently had back-to-back NOT GUILTY verdicts on two separate criminal jury trials involving sex crimes in Contra Costa and Santa Clara counties – saved two innocent people from jail and lifetime sex registration.

Attorney Joseph Ryan Wins Remand

: Court of Appeal Orders the Superior Court to hold a new sentencing hearing regarding the defendant's firearm enhancement.

We Win Cases - Our Winning Strategy:

Accusations of Sexual Misconduct


Accusations of sexual misconduct can be devastating unless dealt with in a discreet, sensitive, professional manner. Let a specialist & our team of experienced Investigators & Experts help you.

Our sex crime lawyers have been successfully and aggressively defending clients throughout the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area for over 50 years. We are the sex crimes defense specialists. We vigorously represent people accused of all types of sexual misconduct, including child molestation, sexual battery, improper touching, sexual harassment, “date rape,” prostitution, pornography, Internet child porn sites, as well as rape, indecent exposure, and sexual addiction. To schedule a confidential consultation, call us 24/7.

False Allegations

False allegations of sexual offenses often occur. Estranged spouses or ex-girlfriends sometimes make up sexual accusations in order to get back at you or your loved one. We can help diffuse the false accusations by factual investigation and analysis of police reports. Call us if you have been falsely accused.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault cases begin with police officers contacting you and asking for your side of the story. Whatever you do, don’t talk to them. Call us immediately. The police are not your friends. They are not just trying to get the facts. They are trying to convict you. Don’t ruin your life. Call us.

If you are a parent and the police want to talk to your son about some girl’s allegations of sexual misconduct at school, don’t let them talk to your child without an attorney. Contact our criminal law firm now for effective sexual battery or statutory rape defense. Police are very skilled at encouraging people to talk. Be polite. Say you’d like to talk to an attorney. Then run, don’t walk, to the nearest phone and call us. If people would follow this simple advice, they could avoid much grief.

Rights of Victims

There are some important California Code of Civil Procedure statutory rights that victims have. Frequently victims do not want to proceed with the changes for very valid personal reasons, however, the District Attorney will not inform a victim of these rights. Call us, we will explain the rights of both sides of the criminal prosecution. A victim’s rights are often the key to the case.

Client Endorsements

“I faced a false charge of child molestation. Mr. Beles got the criminal case dropped based on his persuasion and reputation.” M.M., Medical Doctor “I went to trial on a false rape charge. I was scared to death. Attorney Beles brought his A game to the courtroom and I was free.” J.T. – Presently a successful attorney. “He is simply the best lawyer on these types of cases.” C.B.

To schedule a consultation now with an experienced sexual crimes defense lawyer in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area, contact the Law Offices of Beles & Beles today.


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