Child Pornography

What is It?

One minute you can be surfing the net and the next you can be allegedly committing a crime in the privacy of your own home. Visit the wrong site and the police will be breaking down your door, seizing your computer, and searching the hard drive for all of the sites you have ever visited, looking for suspected “child pornography”.

Simple downloading of images can bring a mandatory 5 years in the federal penitentiary. Call us to prevent this disaster. We are frequently able to prevent prosecution altogether when clients bring investigations to our attention in time. If necessary, we hire computer experts to analyze the strength of a case and plan effective defense strategies accordingly.

How the Certified Criminal Law Specialists at Beles & Beles Defend Your Child Pornography Charges:

Most child pornography defendants are good people with a bad habit. They don’t belong in jail.

We Suppress the Evidence

We move to suppress the child porn as an illegal search and seizure. You could have a child porn collection the size of the library of congress. It doesn’t make you guilty of possession of a single image if it was seized illegally.

The typical child porn search warrant is based on the police searching the internet looking for people downloading child pornography by viewing the common file sharing file programs. The police attempt to match an internet identification to a street address and name of subscriber. The bottom line is they sometimes don’t do it the right way. The result is the evidence is suppressed and instead of doing five years in prison and being a registered sex offender for life – you’re free.

We Employ the Best Experts

If after careful legal analysis it’s impossible to suppress the evidence we employ an expert psychologist and lie detector professional to prove that you are not a child molester. This may sound bizarre but it is important because many district attorneys and judges treat child pornography defendants like child molesters. This is absolutely a false assumption.

We also employ the best experts to examine the seized material. Recently our forensic computer expert was successful in showing the District Attorney that our client had accidentally downloaded child pornography (sexual graphic images of children under the age of 18) in his search for legal constitutionally protected adult pornography.

We Avoid Jail

Child pornography defendants are typically not criminally oriented at all. Usually, they are very law abiding, often highly educated, frequently professionals – but, with a very illegal habit. It is being treated by the U.S. government and local law enforcement as the crime of the century. Every year, the federal government makes the sentences longer.

Avoid Sex Registration for Life

People that commit homicide go to jail, get released, get off parole. But, download some child pornography and the state wants to treat you like a serious child molester for the rest of your life. Our office is dedicated to fighting this unfair law. Help is as near as your phone.


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