State Bar Certified Specialists


Only 3% of California attorneys are certified specialists.
Beles & Beles is proud to be the only firm in Northern California to have attorney specialists in Criminal, Immigration and Appellate Law.

Criminal Accusations are Serious. Demand the Best and Only Hire a State Bar Certified Specialist for Your Case.

If you had a serious illness, wouldn't you want to be treated by a doctor who specialized in that area? Criminal Law is serious. The State Bar certifies legal specialists to help the public identify attorneys who have demonstrated proficiency in specialized fields of law.

What Does it Mean When an Attorney is a "Certified" Specialist?

A Certified Specialist is more than just an attorney who specializes in a particular area of law. A California attorney who is certified by the State Bar has had to meet certain high standards.  The certified specialist designation is an elite status that very few attorneys attain.

A certified specialists is required to have:

The general requirements to become a certified specialist include:

  • Passage of a written examination in the legal specialty area
  • Practiced law continuously for at least five years, spending at least 25 percent of the time given to occupational endeavors practicing in the specialty area
  • Completion of continuing education in the specialty area greater than that required of general licensees of the State Bar
  • Demonstration of a broad-based and comprehensive experience in the specialty area based on completion of a variety of matters in the specialty area
  • Favorable evaluations by other attorneys and judges familiar with the attorney's work in the specialty area of law

What Can a Certified Criminal Law Specialist Do for You?

  • Fully advise you
  • Vigorously defend you through all stages of your case
  • Help you protect your rights
  • Help you effectively handle your case from start to finish

Partners, Robert and Anne Beles are both State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialists. Demand this official Certification when your freedom is at stake.


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    State Certified Specialists
    Robert Beles - State Certified Criminal Law Specialist
    Anne Beles - State Certified Criminal Law Specialist
    Paul McCarthy - State Certified Appellate Law Specialist
    Emilio Parker - State Certified Immigration Law Specialist
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